What additional partnerships or collaborative efforts are needed?

Build capacity of immigrant/worker organizations

The government should build capacity for non-traditional service delivery: community-based organizations and immigrant rights groups who are likely to encounter people who have been severely exploited in the workplace, and who may be eligible for T or U visas, should have a straightforward way to connect victims to services, whether through an in-house, funded program, or through a recognized partnership with a local service organization that has adequate resources and capacity to receive referrals on a rolling basis. In the Washington, DC metro area, for example, there are two organizations that are trusted and accessible to immigrant workers who may have been exploited, but for several months out of the year, these organizations do not have the capacity or funding to respond to emergency needs or case management needs, so referrals must go to other case management agencies that may not be the most appropriate for the survivor because they specialize in US citizens and/or sex trafficking.


Survivors are less likely to follow through with case management, or law enforcement, if they are not connected to resources and communities where they feel safe and supported. Furthermore, if they are forced to turn to agencies that are not empowerment/right-based, they may miss out on opportunities for self-sufficiency skills and worker organizing (which can build long-term emotional well-being) that are often absent from charitable “saving” and “rescue” organizations.]



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