What areas, gaps, or needs are not sufficiently addressed by the Plan?

Develop Housing/Shelter Systems

One of the primary barriers we face as service providers is finding appropriate housing for survivors, especially transitional/emergency housing. In per capita grant programs, the amount given per survivor is insufficient to pay market rent in a safe location in larger cities like Washington, DC. Domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters are not usually appropriate or safe for victims of HT. Not having safe, affordable housing to turn to means that victims are more likely to stay in exploitative situations (because there is nowhere else to go), or be re-trafficked or otherwise unsafe (even in "good samaritan" housing), or risk wiping out their entire services funding to pay rent and thus not have enough left over for other basic needs. If service/shelters were designated in larger cities, the per capita grant money could be spent on other needs for long-term self-sufficiency like food, clothing, and education/ESL.



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